Motu Patlu are gay?

Motu & Patlu Are Gay?


Motu and Patlu, living in a made up town called Furfuri Nagar, but later in the series they live in one more fictitious city known as Modern City. This animation series composed by composed by Niraj Vikram for Nickelodeon India.

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The signature melody of this series is sung by Skuhwinder Singh, bollywood playback vocalist who won Best male playback grant for “Chaiyya” at 1999. More fact about motu patlu.

Motu & Patlu Are Gay?

Well, According to IMDB a user “This is the most masterpiece of masterpieces., even Death Note seems to be a little child in front of this artistic show.

Story :- It will make you cry! It will make you snicker! It will do all that it needs to do.

Animation :- Better CG animation than Pixar and Disney combined.

Characters :- First of all, we should discuss about representation. Motu and Patlu are the very first gay characters presented in an Indian animation and that is really great for youngsters! John the Don, however, is an evil homophobic individual and that is the reason he continues to do violations to disturb Motu and Patlu’s relationship, who are living as one! How evil of Don the John!

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